really deserves the great attention as it received recently. It's strong, tough, and more than that, it's flexible and compact designed. The family has differed power and size, from 80W up to 400W, which is also the only LED lighting product in market proved to be able to replace 1000W HID. IP65 water proof, anti-corrosion painting, self-protected drivers and many other features make them reliable for all the professional and industrial standard. You would always find it output amazing intensity and uniformity of lumen flux to the ground or the working area, fitting your projects perfectly.

is ideal for backlighting and decorative lighting projects that require a high quality uniform light source, like advertisement Light Boxes and Signs, Stained Glass, Stone, Lighted walls, Ceiling lighting (LED troffer), Troffer retrofitting, Grow Light etc. You will get the best possible distribution of light across the entire panel. There are no dark spots just pure brightness.

is designed for the average home owner as well as lighting professionals. This lighting can be used for architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, concealed lighting, perimeter lighting, amongst many other applications. For example, kitchens, dining rooms, underneath tables, TV rooms, bedrooms and closets. They can also function as eye catching special effects at stores and expo booths.

Eco® Match™ LED Aluminium Profile (Extrusion)is easy to install and can be cut to length. It is basically used to protect flex LED Strip light from moisture and dust and can be added to any design implementation, indoor and outdoor. The LED Aluminium Profile is specifically designed for decorative lighting of your home or office buildings for the purpose of concealed lighting, cabinet lighting and cover lighting. We can custom build the LED Profile as per the requirement or can even combine the Aluminium Profile and LED strip as per your specification. We produce a complete range of LED Profile, LED Lighting products and stock hundreds of different accessories.

for use in general, accent, under cabinet, display case, indirect, refrigeration and food equipment applications in residential and commercial environments, the Eco® Classic™ LED Lightbars are dry-listed and feature a high lumen output using High Power 1 watt LED chips. The full architectural-grade aluminium diffuser minimizes glare and delivers even lighting. Available in 12 to 85 inches at variable lengths, the LED Lightbars link together for easy installation at any desired length and uninterrupted long runs.

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