Customized Gallery - Picture - Made in Portugal Industrial LED Light

Picture: MadeinPortugalIndustrial LED Light

Description: Made in Portugal Industrial LED Light, are installed in 24.4 meters (80ft) ceiling and

cranes of a Canada Metal and Mining Company, working 24 hours per day, facing high

challenge of strong vibration and heavy dusts.


Customized Gallery - Picture - Lightinthebox™ Backlite LED Panel tile.

Picture: LightintheboxBacklite LED Panel tile

Description: LED Light Boxes with Internal Power Supply, 48x 72, at Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin, the Carribbean.


Customized Gallery - Picture - ProFlex™ LED Strip Light

Picture: ProFlexLED Strip Light

Description: outdoor environments work.


Customized Gallery - Picture - Classic™ LED Lightbar

Picture: ClassicLED Lightbar

Description: Display Cases of refrigeration and food equipment.


Customized Gallery - Picture - LicensedDistributor™ Itech® LED Controller&Dimmer

Picture: LicensedDistributorItech® LED Controller&Dimmer

Description: LED controllers from LTECH have been massively applied during the renovation of the Aqua-park Shinagawa.

Customized Gallery - Picture - LicensedDistributor™ Meanwell® LED Driver


Picture: LicensedDistributorMeanwell® LED Driver

Description: It is the guarrantee of reliable LED Driver and Power Supply in all LED lights which demand a reliable performance.